Marcus Lovett is of average height, average build and losing his hair, he has never won a gold medal, he’s never survived a life threatening disaster, or been awarded any business prize for making a lot of money, but Marcus knows how to live, brought up on a diet of pop psychology and love, he’s travelled the world, competed at Winter Olympics and competed in cliff diving world championships, he’s been a stunt actor working on such films as the Matrix, he’s produced and hosted his own tv show and commentated at 2 Olympics.  He’s over 50 and can still perform a standing back somersault. Marcus walks the talk, he is an Australian Ski Champion and has been awarded “Coach of the Year”.  Marcus has been a producer and host of the Snowshow for 15 years, but most importantly Marcus’ puts himself out there and practices what he preaches, giving himself new challenges in film and television, and home renovations.  Motivation is a waste of time unless it’s retained, Marcus gives practical guidelines for people to use in their daily routine.  It’s no use being excited on Friday and then forgetting it all by Monday. Book Marcus now to get your group motivated by emailing Marcus at



Victorian School for Student Leadership                      Gnurad-Gundidj Campus

“Truly Inspiring” – Craig

“Really inspiring and motivating, thanks” – Mitch

“Than you so much your talk really made me think about what I want to do with my life and you gave me steps to help achieve this, So thank you:)” – Anonymous

“Very, very inspirational…” – Anonymous

“You have me to set aims for myself that I will try for and not just leave them and wait for something. I now feel that there is something out there for me and I’m not going to be stuck in the same place forever” – Mimi

“Your presentation was fantastic. You really engaged with the audience and spoke on a topic that really touched everyone in the room, it was fantastic and you have inspired me to really work towards my dream” – Esther

Alpine School Campus

“ I loved the talk Marcus changed my view on my life. I enjoyed the night and want to see him again one day”

“Was really a good talk and was quite inspiring. Definitely a great night session.”

“I thought Marcus Lovett was truly inspirational he not only knew what to say and how to respond to us but we heard all this from someone that has been through life and done all this and I know that because of his visit not only my stay here at the Alpine School but my entire life will be richer and prosper from his talk.”

“I really liked the talk he gave to us students, as it had great depth and made me realise that most things are possible to accomplish.”

Snowy River Campus

“I think your speech you presented while you were here was really great. It was really inspirational for all of us. It kind of made me think I can do anything if Itry hard enough.” – Salli

“I found your talk to be a motivating speech on what you can really accomplish with enthusiasm. Thank you for coming here to inspire us.” – Max

Community Health Academy                                                    New York, New York
“The thing that impacted me was DOACAR. It made sense and the way you explained it was very organised. Thank you very much” – Kimberley

“Your presentation was memorable and great. You formula for making it happen was very inspirational. I was motivated to start working on reaching my goals. You were entertaining and kept all of us attentive….I realise no dream can be too big. I should always try to reach my goals and strive to be the best I can…” – Delaney

“You really made us think. I didn’t know there could be a formula for following your dreams. Usually dreams are goals that seem unreachable. But now they don’t seem so far now.” – Amanda

“ I really enjoyed your talk. I actually wrote it down on my notebook. So every time I open it I’m reminded of how to reach my goals..” – Melody

“I thought your speech was really good. It wasn’t boring like other motivational speakers.” – Patsy

“During your visit I learned that in life you need a plan in order to accomplish your dreams. You formula is a great way to plan out your dreams. I used this formula for a summer program. I was able to get accepted.” – Chelsea

“when I go to school I commit and take responsibility and have an obsession with passing the class. I want to thank you again for inspiring me and opening my eyes” – Ivette


“What a blast last night. Students all fired up. At morning meeting the students leaders asked each person to stand up and in true Martin Luther King style say “I have a dream…”. We did the entire room including staff – very inspiring and powerful.” – Peter Torey, Curriculum Coordinator, School For Student Leadership – Gnurad-Gundidj Campus, Victoria

He is passionate about his pursuits of achieving dreams and is inspiring when presenting to students.  The students develop a good respet for Marcus through his presentation and more importantly, many of them feel empowered and take away some good learning from his presentation. As a school, we welcome Marcus and always enjoy hearing and watching him inspire and motivate our students, helping them to realise their full potential.” – Russell Shem, Campus Principal – Alpine School Campus, Victoria

“Your presentation impacted the way I goal set with the students. It is definitely kid friendly and impactful.” – Randy Bowen, High School Counselor, Community Health Academy, New York, New York

“Both your life experience and your characterization of how you and others might achieve dreams was inspiring. You spoke at just the right time in our students lives when they have dreams but feel somewhat tentative about about expressing themselves and confused about how to approach realising their vision for their future. You helped them to better understand the difference between dreams and goals. Additionally you gave them an approach that will allow heir passions to take shape in action.  All the faculty felt this way.” – Judy Sheridan, Principal, Claremont Prep College, New York, New York


“I just received an energised email from her (my daughter) about your visit to the campus! Just wanted to say what a huge and positive impact you have made on her , and her peers. Wonderful stuff. … thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm with young impressionable people. Awesome stuff.” – Nicolee Murrell